About Us


Where do I start? My dad was a power lifter, so I had a love for weights at an early age. As I got older, I was always into supplementation. Experimenting; trying this and that or maybe using this with that. Two things I figured out: 1. You cannot replace hard work. 2. There are too many unnecessary ingredients in supplements.


This is where I started Clean Choice Nutrition. Supplements that are "clean" or have quality ingredients you can trust. I wanted people that cared about what they put into their body to be able to have supplements they can choose. I wanted our name, Clean Choice Nutrition, and the culture it brings to inspire our clean, crisp, and simple label design. Now, I present to you, Clean Choice Nutrition. You bring the hard work, we will do the rest. 


I wanted the labels to be SIMPLE and CLEAN, just like how we believe what is inside the bottle should be. With the help of my two young boys, we did just that.